The Meaning of Health


The Meaning of Health

HEalty is a slang term for unpleasant. The literal meaning of the term ‘Hurty’ is uncertain. It may mean ‘exuberant’ or ‘rather unpleasant’ but more often than not, it’s used to describe someone with a high tolerance for discomfort, or as a nickname for a particularly irritating person. There are countless uses for the term ‘Hurty’ across the world.

For example, the term healty is used in the United Kingdom to refer to the condition of being overweight. A lot of people find themselves overweight – perhaps due to poor dieting, lack of exercise and other health issues. This can lead to a state of mental and physical stress and can eventually lead to health issues, especially as one ages. So one might ask ‘What is healty?’ The answer could be found in the lyrics of a song by The Doobie Brothers – ‘Take Me Away’. The Doobies were a popular British band that had hit the Top Ten albums in several different decades, so it’s safe to say they used the term ‘Hurty’ in some capacity.

Another famous instance of the term being used can be found in the TV sitcom Absolutely Fabulous. The title character is called Fabulous, because of his shapeless, obese appearance. In the first series he was frequently described as being ‘as fat as a pile of coal.’ However in later seasons he was presented as being much healthier and in fact was able to fit into a much thinner shirt. This was most probably due to the amount of work he put into his fitness regime.

One interesting example of healty is found in the movie The Hangover – when Doc, played by Todd Phillips, goes back to college to try and cure his embarrassing hangover. Healty is mentioned throughout the film as someone who is trying to get over a drinking problem. As he attempts to do so he tells a couple of friends that he’s tried the ‘special blend’ for his allergies. This may have been a reference to healty as it is often used in conjunction with ‘special blend’ to indicate a particular type of tea or other drink.

It is also common to use the term healty when talking about money. For example if I said I’d be paid cash for performing a service for a friend I could talk about his healty or wealth. Money is always associated with power in our culture, so it’s quite likely that we are still referring to the term even if we’re not in the formal economy any more. Power is also often associated with money so you will find plenty of examples of people using healty to talk about how rich they are (or aren’t).

A related word is interest. Interest can be defined as the value that is earned over time by lending money. So if I lent you ten pounds for Christmas I would receive two pounds in interest. Healty on the other hand is money that is lent with the intention of receiving interest on it.