News – “G Gilgamesh the Genie” and” Noah theptive”


News – “G Gilgamesh the Genie” and” Noah theptive”

News is something that we all take for granted. Yet without knowing how to interpret the news, our lives would be much different. News is something that everyone has access to and a lot of it comes daily. The question then is what is news? Following are some common ideas of what news is.

1. The news as of a breaking news event: as of a specific date or event news is normally released. For example the news regarding the breaking of the email hacking case in July of 2021. A day or two after the news broke someone hacked into the State Department’s website and removed thousands of pages of emails. No one could have predicted this would happen so the news as of that date was “breaking”.

In the same state of Connecticut, on the day of the 4th of July, 2021 the state’s largest newspaper, the CT Mirror, published an article saying that “the Garden State may be on the verge of losing its watery identity”. This article is a typical article written about the news and its implications to the people of Connecticut. The article was released just in time for the Independence Day celebrations. It is interesting that such news is considered important enough to mention four days before a holiday!

The article in the Mirror mentioned the 4th of July as a time when “people from both sides of the spectrum will be happy”. Many articles have since been written about this particular news. It is commonly used as a comparison point between environmentalists who want to protect Connecticut’s environment and corporate entities who want to pollute the air and water of Connecticut. However, some writers see it as meaning that the Garden State is on the verge of losing its identity due to excessive Corporate interest. Whether or not this is meant by the article owner is unclear.

Another article written about the 4th of July used the words “potato chip” to describe the gas emissions from corn. Some have seen this as meaning that the transportation sector will use more corn to fuel their vehicles instead of gasoline which would cause a rise in prices. Others say that the use of the term has a different meaning in that the writer actually meant “potato chip” in referring to the emissions that come from the engine of a vehicle. Some see the writer as making an over-reference when discussing the subject, but either way, the news got quite a bit of attention and commentary on the Internet.

Since the controversy regarding the Gilgamesh and Noah episode happened before the presidential election, it could have been used as cudgels for either candidate to gain support. The other candidate to win the election was the conservative candidate from New Jersey. As of now, it appears that the debate may only distract voters from the real issues facing America in the next Presidential Election. Either way, it appears that both candidates are busy putting distance between themselves to avoid any potential gaffes made in this campaign.