Marketing Management

The Internet has made marketing much more accessible and simplified. It is no longer a complex art or craft, but rather a straightforward set of activities to get the word out about a product, establish a customer base, and promote services or products. Marketing is also called promotional activity. Marketing is a technique used by businesses and organizations to create awareness, increase sales, and attain other marketing objectives.

In simple terms, marketing refers to the act of creating or attracting awareness, creating or attracting interest, or all three. The marketing concept has evolved into a very detailed science. Marketing research reveals that consumers respond very well to advertising. The marketing concept goes hand in hand with selling. Selling happens when the following elements are in place: preparation, communication, and advertising or promotion.

Marketing activities can be either independent or integrated. Marketing research shows that most buying decisions are made when the buyer is first presented with the product, rather than after they have been carefully analyzed or tested during the marketing research process. Most marketing activities therefore, involve product development, comprehensive market research, and comprehensive marketing activities.

Marketing research aims to understand what consumers actually want. Once the marketing concept is known, product concepts and strategies can be formulated. Marketers need to know their target consumers so that they can come up with ideas and concepts which will suit them. Marketing concepts are the foundation for marketing strategies.

After the product concept and strategies have been formulated, marketing research involves testing to make sure that the concepts are effective. A marketing concept or strategy that works for one set of consumers may not work for another group of consumers. Marketing research helps to discover what group of consumers will respond most to a particular concept or strategy.

A company needs to apply multidimensional marketing concepts in their business to achieve successful selling campaigns. Multidimensional marketing concepts refer to methods by which a company can use a number of different marketing approaches to achieve their marketing objectives. This approach has proven to be more successful and efficient than traditional selling techniques. These concepts involve promoting the product using multiple marketing methods which reach a number of different groups of people. Selling through social media has become a part of the strategy of many companies due to its high success rate. Marketing through social media requires a sophisticated understanding of societal marketing.