Importance of News in Today’s Life

News is one of the most popular expressions worldwide. News is the important source of information in any field, including sports, technology, politics and entertainment. The abbreviation TODAY indicates news of the current interest, whereas NUTRITION refers to news of new studies on food. Other than that, News is defined by different writers and editors of different mass communication. One can see the reference to news in the constitution of United States of America and the Articles of Nationality Act of Australia. The reference to news in the New York Times is one among the major reference in the world.

There are many channels and ways through which news is disseminated in the world today. It reaches the millions of people through television, radio, newspapers and magazines. News is not a permanent object but it has a long term value for man. Every country in this world strives to be popular and develop the mass communication. In fact, the media plays an important role in popularizing news.

There are many ways through which news is made known to the public. The first way or the oldest is by the print media. Print media is preferred all over the world. It is preferred even more in developed countries like USA, UK, and Canada because of the diversity in the types of newspapers available to them. There are huge numbers of newspapers all around the world.

Another method of news being disseminated in the world is through the electronic means. This form of news is fast developing and very convenient to access. It reaches the entire world within seconds. Almost all news items, weather reports, environmental news, political news, etc are available online. Through the internet, a person can easily obtain the news from the other side of the world.

The third and the most reliable source of news is the television. The news are transmitted live to the audience in a shorter time. All channels have some news anchors who impart the news. Some news channels also do telecast news to different regions of the world.

Another modern mode of news reaching the world is through the satellite service. News are sent to the satellite in a form of images. This image is then transmitted to the earth by means of a communications satellite. News from space reach the whole world instantly. This has made the world a global village.