Effective Internet Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses


Effective Internet Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

What is marketing? Just as the answer to this question may differ from one person to another, marketing is a practice that has evolved over time to serve a number of purposes. In today’s fast paced and competitive business environment, marketing is one important component that can make or break an enterprise. Marketing is also considered as one of the key strategies to enhance a company’s brand image, to establish a competitive advantage, or to increase sales.

Marketing is a branch of research that has emerged out of the consumer behaviour that guides purchasing decisions. Marketing studies the entire consumer behavior to study how people use and evaluate products. Marketers conduct market research to discover new information and collect it for understanding the needs and attitudes of consumers. They use marketing research to find out what is in store for the goods or services they are marketing.

Marketing is the process by which organisations address the needs and attitudes of consumers and design products and services to satisfy these needs. Marketing Research is the process of observation and research of potential markets, identifying opportunities and devising marketing strategies to meet the needs of the market. Marketing Research in the broad sense can be referred to as the process by which organisations identify the needs of the market, design and produce goods or services to meet these needs. Marketing Research may be conducted for competitive, social or environmental reasons. It is an essential ingredient of the process of product development.

Marketing is the process through which organizations satisfy the needs of consumers. The marketing concept makes use of the ideas, methods, patterns and values that human beings develop through their interaction with the environment. A market is defined as a collection of consumers who have similar buying needs, thus marketing has to cater to the various buying needs of different consumers. Marketers use marketing concepts, processes and strategies to respond to the varying buying patterns of consumers.

Keyword Marketing is one of the many marketing strategies. In the context of keyword marketing, it is the process of exploring, evaluating, creating, marketing and promoting products and services on the World Wide Web through the use of popular search terms. A keyword can be a phrase, short word or a term. A group of marketers call this “sebaceous keyword” because the words commonly entered into a search engine (i.e. Google, Yahoo, etc.)

Influencer Marketing refers to indirect marketing by celebrities, as endorsed products or services. Influencer Marketing can either come from the consumers themselves or from the celebrities themselves. In the former case, consumers actively search out and purchase the goods and services promoted by the celebrity. In the latter case, the celebrity’s endorsement is utilized by a company to make its product or service popular among a specific group of consumers, and consequently used as a marketing tool. Brands using influencer marketing can take the form of clothing, music, books, movies, etc. Additionally, Influencer Marketing can also be used in franchising, as a way to position the brand as an industry leader, apart from providing the products and services directly to consumers.